Syringes for subcutaneous injection

Not all androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS) are administered intramuscularly or intravenously. Some performance-enhancing drugs can only be administered by subcutaneous injection. Here is everything you need to know about syringes for subcutaneous injection, before ordering.

1) What is a syringe for subcutaneous injection?

A subcutaneous injection, also called Sub-Q or SQ injection, is an injection that is given directly into the fatty tissue just under the skin.
In the medical field, subcutaneous injection is recommended and used for the administration of fertility drugs, blood thinners and insulin in diabetics.
However, in bodybuilding, some performance-enhancing drugs and steroids can only be administered by means of a subcutaneous injection.

2) The best subcutaneous injection sites

Before buying and using a subcutaneous injection, it is advisable to know the best administration sites:

  • Arms: One of the best areas of the body for subcutaneous injection is the upper arms. The injection site can be at the back or the side of the upper arms, usually a minimum of 3 inches above the elbows or 3 inches below the shoulders.
  • Thighs: Thighs are another preferred subcutaneous injection site and administration is usually on the outer side of the upper thighs.
  • Abdomen: The abdominal region is also ideal for subcutaneous injections. Preferred sites are often above the hip bones or just below the rib cage. Note, however, that the minimum distance between the injection site and the navel should be approximately 5 cm.

Important Notes:

– Make sure the chosen injection site is healthy before injecting subcutaneously. For this purpose, the site should not show any bruising, redness, swelling, skin lesions or scars.
– Avoid using the same injection site for each administration of a subcutaneous injection. Also make sure that the distance between the old and the new subcutaneous injection site is at least 1 inch. In this way, the medicine will be easily absorbed by your body and your skin will remain healthy afterwards.

3) Precautions to be taken when using syringes for subcutaneous injection

  • Only a Sub-Q needle should be used for subcutaneous injection. These needles are usually thin and short.
  • You should never use a syringe and needle for subcutaneous injection more than once.
  • Dispose of a syringe in a sharp container if the cap or wrapper at the end of the syringe is missing or broken.

In addition to your syringe, it is advisable to bring a sharp container, clean gauze and alcohol swabs.

4) Where to buy syringes for subcutaneous injection?

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