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Over the past few decades, diuretics have become popular products for giving that dry, salient look much loved by fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts. They are most often taken at the end of the treatment, in preparation for a competition or another important event. Diuretics are seen by many as the miracle product to overcome stubborn excess water, sculpting the physique of an Apollo ready to climb to the highest steps of the podium.

Diuretics, how do they work?

In preparation for a competition, bodybuilders work hard to get rid of the smallest fats and thus develop volume and symmetry. The goal of this hard work is to have the best possible definition with protruding muscles, visible through the skin. Water retention is the major obstacle to this quest.

Diuretics are products that will aid in the elimination of sodium and fluid in the body. They will increase the excretion of water and sodium in the urine. This action will thus decrease the amount of fluid in muscle tissue.

Use of diuretics in sport

Diuretics are also used in other sports besides bodybuilding. Diuretics are often used in sports with weight categories such as boxing or wrestling to lose weight quickly and comply with a given weight category.

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