T3/T4 blend for fat loss

The thyroid gland is found at the base of the neck and is known to release two key thyroid hormones, namely thyroxine or T4 and triiodothyronine or T3. The concentration of T4 released daily from the thyroid gland is higher than that of T3, because T4 acts as a precursor hormone to T3. In fact, it is estimated that the thyroid gland produces between 94 mcg and 110 mcg of T4 daily, while 40 % of this figure is converted to the T3 hormone. The T3 and T4 hormones are very important to your body because they greatly influence a number of viral functions, including those of the digestive system, heart, brain, and central nervous system (CNS). Together, the hormones T3 and T4 work effectively to regulate your metabolic rate. But you may need a boost in your natural T3 and T4 hormones. This is where a T3/T4 blend comes in handy. The T3/T4 combo blend will help keep your body system, especially your metabolism, functioning regularly to ensure rapid body fat loss.

1) T3/T4 blend to lose fat

One of the main reasons bodybuilders use the T3/T4 blend is to stimulate rapid cutting gains, especially before a bodybuilding competition. Using the T3/T4 blend will increase your metabolic rate, causing a sharp increase in your body temperature and a process known as thermogenesis.
Typically, your body responds to this rise in body temperature by stimulating your sweat glands to produce more sweat in order to cool your temperature. The incessant fluctuation in body temperature leads to the burning of body fat or lipolysis, which promotes the development of lean muscle. However, the consequences of using a T3/T4 combination include excessive sweating, increased heart rate, cognitive impairment, increased agitation, insomnia and sleep disturbances.

2) T3/T4 mixture dosage plan for a cutting program

As a bodybuilder or athlete looking to burn fat and lose weight quickly, you can take between 25 and 50 mcg of T3/T4 per day over an eight-week period. The idea is to start with a low daily dosage for a few days, then gradually increase this dosage of T3/T4 mixture until it reaches 50 mcg per day. If you are preparing for a bodybuilding competition where the goal is to achieve lean muscle mass, you can start by taking 12.5 mcg of T3/T4 blend every other day until you arrive at a plan daily dosage of T3/T4 of 50 mcg.
At the end of the competition you can then decrease your daily dosage of T3/T4 down to 12.5 mcg every other day while in the last week of your T3/T4 cycle you maintain a daily dosage of T3 blend /T4 of 12.5 mcg. Although the T3/T4 combo dosing plan suggested here can help you lose fat quickly, you should still rely on the T3/T4 combo dosing plan recommended by your doctor for optimal results.

3) Closing

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