The accessories for injection are essential, the most accomplished athletes have a panoply in their locker. They constitute their first assurance for the effectiveness of the product.

Almost half of the products we offer on are administered by injection. Hygiene is therefore at the heart of the sockets to avoid any risk to health. Hygiene is an element repeatedly repeated and recommended by the greatest champions of bodybuilding. Accessories for injection are produced with the greatest concern for hygiene and reliability.

Sterilization and packaging are carried out professionally on production lines equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The major world bodies of the pharmaceutical industry have recognized the quality of the injection accessories offered by our manufacturers.

Our product ranges include bacteriostatic water, disinfectants, syringes for all types of injection, whether subcutaneous or intramuscular. We can deliver to you anywhere in the world within a week.

Accessories are shipped separately from the rest of your order (charge of 35$), shipped from the United States.

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