Injectable Dianabol, Your Oral Alternative for Fast Bodybuilding Gains

Oral Dianabol is not well tolerated by everyone and if you feel nauseous every time you take oral Dbol, you may want to consider using injectable Dianabol instead.
Injectable Dianabol is taken by intramuscular injection, usually in the glutes or deltoids. You can get significant bodybuilding and performance benefits by cycling or stacking injectable Dbol.
In this overview, we highlight the benefits of injectable Dianabol for bodybuilding and recommend a cycle and dosage plan that you can explore today.

1) The benefits of injectable Dianabol

Injectable Dbol has several advantages. Here are a few worth mentioning:

– Liver protection

Oral Dbol can be hepatotoxic and therefore harmful to your liver health, especially if abused or misused.
However, injectable Dianabol is not metabolized by your liver, as the active compound is injected directly into your muscle tissue.

– Reduced side effects

Some bodybuilders complain of feeling nauseous when using Dbol orally. However, this feeling can be avoided when you switch to injectable Dianabol.

– Increase in testosterone for muscle mass gain

The use of Dianabol increases the amount of testosterone in your body, which triggers many positive anabolic effects.
Increased testosterone stimulates nitrogen retention, IGF-1 hormone levels and protein synthesis for increased skeletal muscle growth.

– Increased bone density

Injectable Dianabol is also known to increase collagen production, which leads to improved bone density.

– Increased aggressiveness

With an increase in your testosterone levels, you will experience an increase in aggression. This is good if used in a positive way, as aggression is needed during your high interval strength and intensity training program.

– Cutting gains

Injectable Dianabol is able to promote cutting gains by increasing your metabolic rate, increasing thermogenesis, and promoting lipolysis.

– Improved strength and endurance

Injectable Dbol increases the number of red blood cells, which increases the supply of oxygen-rich blood to your body.
Your skeletal muscles will receive the extra strength needed with the slowing down of muscle fatigue caused by lactic acid buildup.

2) Injectable Dianabol cycle and dosage

Before starting an injectable Dianabol cycle, it is important that you first consult your doctor and/or a professional bodybuilding trainer.
Here we offer you services of free consultations by an IFBB PRO. Each cycle should be treated on an individual basis and according to your bodybuilding goals.
Generally, it is advised to take a daily or every other day (EOD) dosage of 20-40mg of Dianabol Injection over a cycle of 4-6 weeks.
You shouldn't exceed 6 weeks because the longer you use Dbol in any form, the more side effects you expose yourself to.
If you are using a stack, it is advisable to use a lower daily dose of 20mg injectable Dianabol.
Before you start your cycle, make sure you have planned post cycle therapy (PCT). We offer several PCT supplements which you can check out here.

3) In conclusion

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