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Bacteriostatic water is a sterile solution that is now generally used in the medical field in place of traditional sterile saline solutions. There are many reasons why bacteriostatic water is preferred over sterile saline.
First of all, bacteriostatic water does not have to be tested for sterility, unlike sterile saline. In addition, bacteriostatic water is composed of an antimicrobial agent which prevents both the appearance and the growth of bacteria.
Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, the bacteriostatic water solution is ideal for cleaning open wounds or irritated injection sites during steroid use Injectable anabolic androgens (AAS).

1) Uses of Bacteriostatic Water

The bacteriostatic water solution can be used for several medical purposes. It can be used safely as a dural drainage solution, for mouth rinsing and for eye irrigation.
Bacteriostatic water solution is also used for irrigation of insertion sites just prior to needle insertion.

2) Is Bacteriostatic Water safe?

As a general rule, bacteriostatic water solution can be used on virtually any part of the body, but should never be consumed.
Drinking bacteriostatic water could damage your internal organs and lead to long-term health problems or even death.

3) Properties of Bacteriostatic Water

Bacteriostatic water exhibits several telltale properties. As already mentioned, the bacteriostatic water solution does not need to be sterile. This solution is usually yellow in color, unlike sterile saline solution which is light in color.
The bacteriostatic water solution is usually labeled to indicate that it inhibits and prevents the growth of bacteria. Indeed, the additives contained in the bacteriostatic water are antimicrobial agents.
Compared to sterile saline solution which is produced by a filtration process, bacteriostatic water is made by the inclusion of special additives in clean water.

4) Where to buy Bacteriostatic Water?

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