Want to sport the highest quality muscles? Opt for an exceptional steroid with injectable Primobolan (Primobolan depot).

Primobolan in its injectable version is called METHENOLONE Enanthate. Primobolan is also available in oral version.

Ideal for a cure of dryness or a taking of dry mass. Choosing injectable Primobolan is the assurance of acquiring hard and resistant muscles, devoid of water and fat.

Available in injectable form, Primobolan will guarantee the regular and sustainable development of your muscle mass. In addition, by facilitating the retention of Nitrogen, injectable Primobolan actively participates in the conservation of your gains.

Finally, weakly androgenic, injectable Primobolan does not aromatize. You will therefore be able to follow your cure in complete peace of mind, without fearing the slightest side effect such as acne, gynecomastia or water retention.

It can be used either alone or in combination with other steroids, in order to maximize the desired effects:

  • For the purest dryness, injectable Primobolan combines perfectly with Winstrol.
  • To gain dry mass more quickly, it combines very well with the Sustanon.

Taken alone, primobolan does not require protection or PCT. However, if you combine it with other anabolic steroids, it will then be essential to accompany the course of protection, and to carry out a recovery course (PCT) after the cycle. Find all the stimulus supplements in our section Anti-estrogen.

And to better support you in the success of your cycle, do not hesitate to ask for free advice from our team of experts, with our form. All of our products are genuine, check for yourself.

In order to help you achieve your goals, top-steroids-online.is therefore offers you a wide choice of injectable Primobolan, from the most prestigious laboratories.

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